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Family First Pawn - Republic / Springfield MO

Family First Pawn - Your First Choice For Pawn

Welcome to Family First Pawn! We are not your daddy's dimly lit, smoke-filled pawnshop -- we are family-owned, community-oriented, spacious, safe and secure. We are here to loan you money on your valuables and help you do everything you can to reclaim them. by loaning the appropriate amount to help you out but still ensure that you can afford to reclaim your items. If you live in the greater Springfield metropolitan area, we want to be your family's first choice for pawn!

What Sets Us Apart

First, we are a highly secure shop, with 16 offsite-monitored surveillance cameras. Your pawned items will be safe with us until you are ready to retrieve them. Second, we have lots and lots of space! Our 7200 sq. ft. warehouse and 1 acre security-fenced, lighted asphalt lot can hold even the biggest of items you might care to pawn. We also have a great text messaging program that will automatically text you with a friendly reminder 3 days prior to your loan coming due. And we are now offering full-service jewelry repair in our store -- we can size any ring, set new stones, fix chains or bracelets... just about anything you need!

Come Check Us Out!

We loan money on anything of value, from tools to diamonds, cars to electronics. If you are unsure about an item, just ask. We also have an extensive inventory of guns and jewelry. Our prices say it all -- if you see something that is overpriced PLEASE tell us. We aren't perfect, and if we see that it is overpriced, we will lower the price! Come see how pawnshops are supposed to be run: friendly, fun, and most importantly FAMILY FIRST!

  • Member, National Pawnbrokers Association
  • Member, Missouri Pawnbrokers Association
  • Member, National Rifle Association
  • Member, Republic Chamber of Commerce

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