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Family First Pawn - Republic / Springfield MO

What We Pawn

Guns (including rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, blackpowder), ammo, archery, jewelry, gold, diamonds, TVs, electronics of all kinds, computers, musical instuments, tools, boats, campers, motorcycles, cars, RVs, ATVs, UTVs. Basically anything of value! If you have an item and are unsure if it's pawnable, use our handy form.

Pawn FAQ

The FAQ below should answer most, if not all, of your questions, but if you need further information, please feel free to call us during regular store hours!

What are your store hours? What items do you buy or pawn? What is the difference between pawning and selling? Will pawning or selling get me the most money for my item? How much can I expect to get for my items? If I come in to pawn or sell something, how long does it take? What paperwork do I need to bring to get a pawn loan or to sell my items? What are the terms of a pawn loan? Is the information about my pawn loan secure and confidential? What if I lose my pawn ticket? Will you contact me if my pawn loan is about to expire? If I already have a pawn loan at Family First Pawn, can I get another? How safe are my items in pawn? Do most people lose their pawned items? What about stolen goods? Are pawnshops regulated?
  • Member, National Pawnbrokers Association
  • Member, Missouri Pawnbrokers Association
  • Member, National Rifle Association
  • Member, Republic Chamber of Commerce

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